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Are you ready to take control of your data, save time, and ensure your listing data is being used appropriately?

Then reDataVault is for you.

reDataVault helps Multiple Listing Services and brokerages control and license their real estate data by providing accurate, reliable, and secure data management services.


reDataVault supports the single largest aggregation of real estate information in the United States.

It is a superior management system that enables Multiple Listing Services and associations to take complete control of data use, policies and procedures, account management, licensing and compliance, and syndication.

reDataVault also allows real estate brokerages to syndicate their own listings, track where they are displayed online, and review results to measure ROI.

It provides a centralized source where vetted and approved vendors can access consistent, accurate, and up-to-the minute listing data, property images, and more.



reDataVault is a product developed by Real Estate Digital (RED), the preeminent data management company in the real estate space. RED is distinguished not only by its technological capabilities but by its commitment to the ethical use and distribution of real estate data.

RED has invested heavily in infrastructure, technology, and talent to create the best quality data service possible. It has been selected by many of the top real estate companies in the United States and Canada to provide enterprise-level support for their data management needs.

Our infrastructure hardware includes state-of-the-art storage area networks (SANs) and a world-class content delivery network for provisioning millions of images. Our systems are fully redundant with guaranteed uptime over 99.8%. We perform flawlessly and fulfill the service level requirements of the most high-demand clients in the industry. Best of all, RED’s MLS data is standardized to be consistent, accurate, and reliable in all syndication and aggregation situations.

reDataVault for Vendors

reDataVault opens up the world of real estate information that you can use quickly and easily. reDataVault provides the critical data you need – everything from real estate listings and photos to business-critical information such as foreclosure data, school data, demographics and census boundaries.

And when you obtain real estate information from reDataVault, you can be assured of accuracy, timeliness, automated processes, standardized data, and professional customer service.



Managing contracts and agreements, handling renewals and terminations, and keeping track of it all can be a massive headache made worse by lost agreements and overflowing file cabinets. Replace it all with one centralized web portal that lets you manage everything in minutes.

Ease of use

You’ll master the intuitive interface in mere moments and save countless hours with robust organization and search tools.

Self-serve onboarding

Set up new agreements in a flash with a customized, branded website where your brokers and vendors self-manage all their data license requests. Capture digital documents and signatures, then just click to approve.

Approve and manage vendors

Take control by pre-approving or disabling vendors who wish to use the MLS data.

Automatic license renewals

Track when contracts are coming up for renewal – the system automatically sends reminders to your members and vendors in advance.

Payments and accounting

reDataVault uses an integrated payment gateway to automatically collect data license payments for you. And you can view account summaries and statuses at any time



Make sure your agreements are secure, up to date, and in compliance by using reDataVault to monitor, manage, and customize your licenses while offering differentiated data products.

Digital security

Everything is handled in our reliable, secure cloud, with automated forms and digital signatures for accuracy and forensic accountability.

Customized control

Select precisely which data exports you want to offer for each license agreement or quickly disable, suspend, or terminate any feed or agreement.


Ensure that the correct feeds and licenses are in place at all times. Plus, reDataVault maintains a list of all URLs that feature your data under agreement, making it easier for you to create a compliance and review schedule.


Define and publish data exports to create a variety of data “products” you can offer to create new revenue streams.

Document management

reDataVault’s Web portal stores all your data licenses, agreements, notes, approvals, and data feed particulars in one convenient, secure place in the cloud.


For each data license, create a unique watermark image that is merged into every image to provide provenance and proof of licensing.



Take charge of your listing data and exercise control over where it’s going and who can access it – without worrying about RETS server fails or complicated infrastructure configurations.


Enjoy standardized formatting for all listing data and images for a full range of property classes, including Residential, Lots/Land, Multi-Family, Commercial, and Rentals.


Structure a workflow that’s right for your organization and automatically route the paperwork, notifying everyone in the review and approval process.


Track data delivery, verify data transactions in detail, and see who’s accessing your feeds or exceeding their allowances…and get click-stream consumer activity and impression reports from syndicated listings..


Easily see all data-product transactions by licensee or date range, and review publisher agreements’ terms of use side-by-side.


Sending feeds is no muss, no fuss. Just set up a license, click a button, and your data starts flowing.


Set up your exports yourself and turn your feeds on or off with one click. Syndicate all your listings in a single feed, no matter how many MLSs you use.



Real Estate Digital, creator of reDataVault, believes in the “AFTER” philosophy for data syndication – namely, that we must be committed to Accuracy, Frequency, Transparency, Extensibility, and Reliability, in all data management and syndication efforts for both MLSs and brokers.


We aggregate the most accurate real estate data in the industry, ensuring listing statuses and prices are correct all day, every day.


We accommodate any desired level of frequency in syndication, ranging from once-daily to near real-time updates. Most of our aggregated MLS data is updated at least once every 15 minutes.


We provide full visibility to MLSs and brokers about the number of records syndicated, when they are sent, and where they are published.


We provide flexibility to add and accommodate new components and fields to data records as they come into the marketplace.


Our system is fully redundant with guaranteed uptime of over 99.8%.

Syndication for MLSs

We provide the pipes that let you deliver timely, accurate data via syndication. We are committed to listings that are accurate, represent the seller appropriately, and provide valuable information to the consumer. Finally, we provide you with opt-in, opt-out control over who receives your syndicated data.

Above all, we keep the MLS in charge. As the central point of control you have full visibility and authority to establish master agreements with publishers and to set – and enforce – your own standards and ethics with every agreement.

And when you use your considerable power to negotiate beneficial agreements with publishers, we provide a transparent, easy-to-use dashboard that allows your member brokers to opt in, opt out, and selectively syndicate their listings.

Syndication for brokerages

We make it easy for you to syndicate to publishers, no matter how many MLS feeds you are using. We provide a clean, accurate, standardized single feed that incorporates all your MLSs and optimizes it for distribution and syndication to any vendor, media company, publisher, or aggregator with whom you work.

We help you slice and dice data across MLS boundaries and can easily package listings provided by adjacent MLSs into a single feed on behalf of your brokerage.

Perhaps most importantly, we track activity on your syndicated listings so you always have insight into what’s generating traffic and interest – and how it’s boosting your ROI.

Our Clients

  • The new system offers us many advantages beyond simple document management.

    Deanna Rogers, VP of Business Development, My Florida Regional MLS