The best ethics policy in the business.

At Real Estate Digital, we take real estate data very seriously.

That’s why we built reDataVault, the best real estate data management platform in the business. And why we back it with our uncompromising commitment to protecting the integrity and usage of your listing data.

RED Code of Ethics for Real Estate Data


We believe that listing data is the lifeblood of the real estate industry and should be treated with the utmost care and respect.


We believe that accuracy is paramount and that any practice that results in inaccurate listing data, including scraping, does a disservice to real estate professionals, homebuyers, and home sellers.


We believe that the rights of agents who commit their time and energy to obtaining listings should be protected.


We believe that selling advertising space to one agent on another agent’s listing is unacceptable.


We believe that brokers own their listing data and that it should never be distributed without their explicit permission.


We believe that MLSs should have control over where and how their members’ data is shared.


We believe in asking permission, not forgiveness.